XIM500 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

New research and new development

Combination with bight field, dark field, polarizing observation etc. Widely used in metal, mineral, electronic field

Dark field objective,Make observation in dark & bright field.

Oversize view field eyepiece, view field up to 22mm for comfortable observation.

Oversized three-layer working stage, more choice for samples.

Light distribution (both): 100 : 0 (100% for eyepiece) ; 80 : 20 (80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)

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Item Specification XIM500 XIM500BD
Eyepiece WF10×/22mm(adjustable)
WF10×/22mm(adjustable,reticule 0.1mm)
Metallurgical LWD Infinity

Plan Objectives

LMPlan FL 5×/0.15

(Semi Apochromatic Objective)

LMPlan FL 10× /0.30

(Semi Apochromatic Objective)

W.D.= 20.00mm
LMPlan FL 20× /0.40

(Semi Apochromatic Objective)

W.D.= 15.00mm
LMPlan FL 50× /0.55

(Semi Apochromatic Objective)

W.D.= 10.00mm
LPL 80×/0.80 W.D.= 0.85mm
LMPlan FL 100×0.85 (Dry)

(Semi Apochromatic Objective)

W.D.= 3.00mm
Metallurgical LWD Infinity

Plan Objectives for  Bright & Dark Field

M PLAN  5×/0.13 BD W.D=7.30mm
M PLAN 10×/0.25 BD W.D.= 11.5mm
M PLAN 20×/0.40 BD W.D.= 5.60mm
M PLAN 50×/0.70 BD W.D.= 1.60mm
Seidentopf Trinocular Head Inclined 30°, interpupilary distance: 48-76mm

Light distribution (both):100: 0(100% for eyepiece)

80:20(80% for trinocular head,and 20% for eyepiece)

Nosepiece Quintuple
Quadplex (specially for bright /dark field objectives)
Mechanical Stage Stage size: 210 mm×180mm, Moving range:50×50mm , Scale : 0.1mm
Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing unit Coarse stroke: 10mm,

Fine stroke per rotation: 0.2mm, fine division 2 μm.

Polarizing Unit Polarizer /Analyzer
llumination 12V/50W Halogen(Input voltage:100V~240V)
5WLED lamp (Input voltage:100V~240V)
Filter Blue
Green/ Amber/ Grey
C-mount 1×/0.75×/0.5×C-Mount  (focus adjustable)
Adaptor for Digital Photograph    Use for CANON/NIKON/OLYMPUS etc.

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 660mm×590mm×325mm     Gross Weight: 17 kgs     Net Weight: 12.5 kgs