ICX41M Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

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Technical information

Objective specifications

LWD BD Plan achromatic metallurgical objectives

For bright and dark field
Magnification NA (mm) WD (mm)
0.15 9.0
10× 0.3 9.0
20× 0.45 3.4
50× 0.55 7.5
100× 0.8 2.1

LWD Plan achromatic metallurgical objectives

Standard objectives
Magnification NA (mm) WD (mm)
0.15 10.8
10× 0.3 12.2
20× 0.45 4.0
50× 0.55 7.9
100× 0.8 2.1

All objectives:

  • Cover glass thickness: 0
  • Parfocal distance: 45mm
  • Conjugate distance: ∞.

Technical specifications

Optical system Infinity color correct optical system
Viewing head 45 degree inclined trinocular viewing head, 360 degree rotatable; interpupillary distance 50-75mm, binocular:trinocular=100:0 or 0:100
Eyepiece High eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm with adjustable diopter
High eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL15X16mm with adjustable diopter
Objective Long working distance plan achromatic metallurgical objectives: (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X)
Long working distance bright & dark field plan achromatic metallurgical objectives (5X, 10X, 20X 50X, 100X)
Nosepiece Inward quintuple bright field nosepiece (DIC slot), with built-in magnification sensor
Frame Reflected frame low-position coaxial focusing system, coarse range 9mm (up 6.5mm – down 2.5mm), fine precision 0.002mm; with upper limit and tension adjustment; with switch for bright and dark field; with variable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, both center adjustable; with slots for filters and polarizing kit; with light intensity indicator; with infrared induction; with magnification display
Illumination External power adapter: input 100V-240V, output 15V13.4A, light intensity adjustable
Stage Three layers rackless stage, size: 240mm (W) X 250mm (L), moving range: 50X 50mm; low-position control
Camera adapter 0.35X, 0.5X, 0.65X, 1X focusing C-mounts
Others Polarizer, fixed analyzer , 360 degree rotatable analyzer, DIC attachment, filters, high precision micrometer