Stereo Microscope LED Light Source Anti-static

  1. This product generates less heat, has soft and natural light without flicker, no distortion of light color, long service life, energy saving, compact and beautiful, easy to install, etc.
  2. The shell is made of newly imported plastic injection molded anti-static raw materials, which is aging-resistant and flame-retardant. The lamp housing and lampshade are made of high-standard anti-static materials.


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Technical Parameters:

Ring light housing outer diameter: 98mm


Ring light housing connection port size: Φ60.5mm


Ring light housing height: 124mm


Ring light housing thickness: 28mm


Ring light power: 4.5W-10W


Input voltage: 90V-264V


Output voltage: DC12V


Brightness adjustment: 0~100%


Single lamp bead: 20000-30000mcd


Brightness: 16000LUX or above


Working distance: 50-250mm


LED light-emitting tubes: 48 pcs, 56 pcs, 64 pcs, 144 pcs optional


Shell color: white and black (optional)