Microscope LED Ring Light Inner Dia 30mm

This product uses advanced microprocessor technology and algorithms to realize PWM linear dimming of the light. It makes the light soft and natural without flicker, light color without distortion, long service life, energy saving and other advantages. It adopts separate lamp head and controller. Body design, lamp heads with the same interface are compatible with each other.



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Light source: LED


Input voltage: AC90-240V


Maximum output power: 3.8W


Working distance: 40~ 160mm


Maximum illumination: 60,000 Lux


Brightness of each bulb: MAX14000mcd


Brightness: continuously adjustable


Light color: white (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, infrared)


Effective light distance: 75mm


Effective light diameter: 30mm


Number of bulbs: 48


Metal lamp holder, inner diameter 30MM, maximum outer diameter 50MM, fixed with screws