MZDV0640 Mini 6.7: 1 Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

◆ Infinity Optical system design, short and beautiful, large depth of field, can be with detent.

◆ Enriched accessories, various CCD adapters, magnification objectives, coaxial illumination are available.

◆ MZDV0640, MZDV0640C

◆ Widely applied in semiconductor equipments, especially suitable in two-dimensional, three-dimensional measurement systems

◆   Can be custom-made pre-set stops at integer magnification with detent in zoom course.

◆ Magnification positioned repeatedly and exactly with detents in zoom course.

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Zoom range 0.6X~4.0X
Zoom radio 6.7: 1
WD 82mm(1X Objective)
Illumination Adjustable high brightness , long life LED coaxial illumination
Holder and Main body matched dimension Φ35mm
Mount Standard CS-mount(distance between the bearing surface and the CCD plane is 12.5mm)

Objective Items CCD adapter
0.5X 1X 1.5X 2X
0.3X     WD:293mm Total Mag. 0.09X~0.6X 0.18X~1.2X 0.27X~1.8X 0.36X~2.4X
FOV(mm) 40X53.33~6X8 20X26.67~3X4 13.33X17.78~2X2.67 10X13.33~1.5X2.0
0.4X WD:223mm Total Mag. 0.12X~0.8X 0.24X~1.6X 0.36X~2.4X 0.48X~3.2X
FOV(mm) 30X40~4.5X6 15X20~2.25X3 10X13.33~1.5X2 7.5X10~1.13X1.5
0.5X WD:175mm Total Mag. 0.15X~1X 0.30X~2X 0.45X~3X 0.6X~4X
FOV(mm) 24X32~3.6X4.8 12X16~1.8X2.4 8.0X10.67~1.2X1.6 6.0X8.0~0.9X1.2
0.6X WD:145mm Total Mag. 0.18X~1.2X 0.36X~2.4X 0.54X~3.6X 0.72X~4.8X
FOV(mm) 20X26.67~3X4 10X13.33~1.5X2 6.67X8.89~1X1.33 5X6.67~0.75X1
0.75X WD:117mm Total Mag. 0.23X~1.5X 0.45X~3X 0.68X~4.5X 0.9X~6X
FOV(mm) 16X21.33~2.4 X3.2 8.0X10.67~1.2X1.6 5.33X7.11~0.8X1.07 4.0X5.33~0.6X0.8
0.9X WD:93mm Total Mag. 0.27X~1.8X 0.54X~3.6X 0.81X~5.4X 1.08X~7.2X
FOV(mm) 13.33X17.78~2X2.67 6.67X8.89~1X1.33 4.44X5.93~0.67X0.89 3.33X4.44~0.5X0.67
1X WD:82mm Total Mag. 0.3X~2X 0.6X~4X 0.9X~6X 1.2X~8X
FOV(mm) 12X16~1.8X2.4 6.0X8.0~0.9X1.2 4.0X5.33~0.6X0.8 3.0X4.0~0.45X0.6
1.5X WD:54mm Total Mag. 0.45X~3X 0.9X~6X 1.35X~9X 1.8X~12X
FOV(mm) 8X10.67~1.2X1.6 4.0X5.33~0.6X0.8 2.67X3.56~0.4X0.53 2.0X2.67~0.3X0.4
2X WD:35mm Total Mag. 0.6X~4X 1.2X~8X 1.8X~12X 2.4X~16X
FOV(mm) 6X8~0.9X1.2 3.0X4.0~0.45X0.6 2.0X2.67~0.3X0.4 1.5X2.0~0.23X0.3
Zoom body magnification range: 0.6X~4.0X


mag. NA DOF Resolution TV Distortion Fixed Dim.:Φ45mm
Max compatible camera:1/2″
CCD screw mount: 1 inch 32 button
1X CCD adapter 1X CCD plane adapter
0.6X 0.021 3.2mm 16μm 0.5% 0.05%
2.0X 0.068 0.29mm 4.9μm 0.4% 0.07%
4.0X 0.097 0.10mm 3.5μm 0. 3% 0. 04%