Microscope Single Gooseneck Optics Fiber

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Application: It is widely used for Microscopes cold light surce


1) Top quality , low cost , huge production capability

2) High quality glass fiber.

3) Excellent for precision lighting and transmission.

4) direct lighting requirements.

5) 0.6m long and can be bent into various positions. (can be customerized)

 150W Single Hole Halogen Cold Light Source

  1. Power supply voltage: 110V/220V±10V 50Hz±1Hz
  2. Bulb model: 24V/150W
  3. Output illumination: ≥1600,000LX
  4. Bulb color temperature: ≥3200K
  5. Earth leakage current: ≤0.5mA
  6. The noise of the whole machine: ≤55dB
  7. Working environment temperature: can work continuously at -10℃ to 45℃
  8. Normal working case temperature: ≤54℃
  9. The power supply has overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit automatic protection functions.

No-load output voltage change≤0.05V

Features: Small and lightweight, high product stability. (Compared with similar products from other manufacturers, the brightness of this model can be adjusted from zero, the chassis has no light leakage, and the interface temperature is relatively low)