LT-86F 5x 10x Desk Magnifying Lamp Magnifier PCB Inspection

  1. It matches 22W circle fluorescent lamp(type A,B,C,E)
  2. Its active arm is a special design, which can be adjusted conveniently and avoid magnifier’s vibration interfere
  3. It adopts USA’s updated ballast circuit, power can reach more than 0.9A, the current flowing is less than 40%, which accords with IEC standard
  4. White optical lens are available to relax the strain of eyesight after long time of use
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5″ Diameter, 3/ 5/ 8/ 10/15/20 Diopter Magnifying Lens

22watt circle fluorescent lamp

Adjustable range 1meter reach


Product Description:

Index LT-86F
Supply Voltage 110/220V
Lens size φ127mm
Optional lenses Ordinary lenses/Optical lenses
Magnifier Multiple 3× 5× 8× 10× 15× 20x
Adjustable range 1000mm
Characteristic Self-supporting, folding arm