LCD700 Digital LCD Zoom Microscope

LCD700 integrated zoom optical module with high-definition camera.

It can be conveniently used in a narrow and small space.

According to ergonomic principles, its internal optical corner design and angle adjustment of the display screen,

allow the operator to look at the display in a flat view.

Through the HDMI HD interface, it can connect to another display simultaneously.

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Model LCD700
Magnification 17x-110x
Objective 0.7x-4.5x
Sensor 1/3” COMS
Resolution 1920*1080P@60FS(2.0Mp)
Output HDMI, USB, SD Card
Display 11.6” or 21.5”
Through the HDMI interface, can connect to another display simultaneously
Function Real-time observation, photo taking, video recording, measurement, storage, data output
Displayer Size Standard 0.5x Lens 2x Lens
W.D.100mm W.D.165mm W.D.30mm
Mag. F.O.V.(mm) Mag. F.O.V.(mm) Mag. F.O.V.(mm)
11.6” 17.2x-110.5x 18.5*10.5-2.8*1.5 8.6x-55.2x 37.5*21-5.5*3.0 34.4x-221x 9.5*5.5-1.5*0.7
21.5” 31.9x-204.8x 18.5*10.5-2.8*1.5 15.9x-102.4x 37.5*21-5.5*3.0 63.7x-409.6x 9.5*5.5-1.5*0.7
Stand C10 Track Stand
Vertical Height:325mm, Focusing Distance:220mm
Base Size:320x260x16mm
Illumination Comes with 56-LED ring light