A100 7 Inches 2MP HD LCD Biological Stereo Digital Microscope

A100 digital LCD biological microscope can meet the observation of biological specimen slice demand of indoor home using;

It is equipped with 7 inches HD LCD screen and whose photo resolution is up to 2MP. It can be clicked to achieve photo, video and sharing functions.

The microscopic image can be displayed and stored externally, and the image processing can be realized at the software level.

It has a stable all-metal supportive structure, visual and easy-to-use digital light source display control system.

An eye-catching handle is provided above the fuselage to ensure that the microscope is always in a positive position when it is lifted and moved, thus effectively avoiding the falling down of eyepiece and observation samples.

Moreover, the instrument can be equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery (optional), and can be used without connecting the power supply, which is convenient for outdoor observation.

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Biological + Stereo Microscope

A Series microscope creatively introduce the concept of lateral reflection light source, which allow the easy observation towards physical entity and greatly enrich the teaching content.

HD shooting + Precise measurement

The instrument has a built-in HD digital image module with an effective pixel of 2 million and supports HD video 720p/30fps. The free professional observation software also supports scale calibration and can measure observation  samples quickly and accurately which makes your observations more reliable.

Touchable LCD screen

Equipped with 7 inches HD LCD screen and up to 2MP photo resolution.


Double layers stage can be moved left and right, forward and backward.

Multi-functional key

Press it for long to turn on & off the microscope; press it for short to screen off.

Model A100
LCD screen 7 inches
Screen resolution 1280×800
Photo resolution 2M
Video resolution 720p/30fps
Data output ×
Built-in SoundBox ×
Intelligent Shutdown ×
Measurement ×
Function Biological stereo
Objective 4x/10x/40x
Magnification 60x-600x
Digital magnification ×
Storage 8G
Battery  ×