4.3 Inch 2x-32x LCD Electronic Vision Aid HD Color Video Magnifier

3.5 inch LCD screen for viewing

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1, display type: 4.3 inch HD color LCD widescreen.
2, display resolution: 320×240
3, screen brightness: 300cd/M, adjustable.
4, lighting: LED auxiliary lights, supplementary light can be adjusted, the lights can be turned off.
5. Working distance: minimum 1mm, maximum 5cm
6, magnification: 2-32 times (minimum 2 times, maximum 32 times adjustable)
7, display mode selection: 3 types of patterns and 12 patterns can be switched (1, full color, 2, negative, 3, black bottom white, 4, white bottom black, 5. blue bottom white, 6, white bottom blue, 7, black bottom yellow, 8, yellow bottom, 9. yellow bottom blue, 10, blue bottom yellow, black bottom green, green bottom black word)
8. It has the function of image freezing.
9, the use of ultra thin form, zero distance design, with expansion brackets, can be written. 10, AV output: can connect TV output
11, support memory function, automatically save the user’s final settings, remember user habits.
12, the use of intelligent power saving design, the picture is stationary and no operation 3 minutes after the automatic shutdown, environmental protection and energy saving
13, with key tone, the voice can be turned off, and the volume can be adjusted.
14, battery: removable removable lithium battery (1500 MA) continuous working time of 4 hours, charging time: 4-6 hours.
15, power consumption: 5V/250mA (max)
16, the size of the visual aids: 158 mm x80mmx24mm
17, weight: 190 grams (containing batteries)
18. packing: neutral white box packing