XSP100 Student Chidren Biological Microscope

1. High quality material, with exquisite design, the biological monocular microscope is suitable for kids and students to learn as a beginner kit.
2. This children microscope is an awesome gift to satisfy kid’s curiosity and arouse their interest to explore the magic nature.
3. Suitable for kids more than seven years old, parents can accompany children to collect specimen and guide them how to correctly observe, by this way to enrich their scientific knowledge before school.
4. The microscope is easy to set up and operate,and it has solidly body, lightweight and portable,you can use it indoor or outdoor
5. Allows comfortable viewing with both eyes,it is an ideal microscope for students in elementary to learn sciences

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Plastic Children Biological Microscope 

10X Eyepiece 4X, 10X, 40X Objectives

40X, 100X & 400X Magnification

Real optical glass lenses Dual focusing knobs

2 LED lights, above and below Uses 3AA Batteries

Includes Assorted Accessories

Vinyl dust cover 5 blank slides

1 concavity (well)slide

4 prepared slides 2 bottles of stain

Forceps Scalpes

Plastic test tube Plastic Petri dish