Tactical Infrared Night Vision Device Monocular

The metal structure is used for shock absorption and anti-skid design, which has strong ability to withstand bumps and vibrations, and can withstand the impact of heavy acceleration of more than 20 people. Fully adapt to the wild environment, can well meet your needs in different geographical locations.


Full-scale coating imaging: sharp full-lens multi-layer coating technology, so that the light transmission rate is from 50% to more than 95%, which increases the contrast and sharpness of the color, and greatly improves the observation effect.


Power-saving design: the switch knob switch can also adjust the luminosity.


IR professional near-infrared light source: comes with an infrared illumination light source, which can assist you to see farther in the dark. It can be forcibly opened or closed according to the usage environment, and can be manually adjusted to the required state. See more and farther in total darkness.


Use AA batteries: easily available AA batteries can be bought at any convenience store, making battery life less troublesome and easier to replace. No need to charge lithium batteries.


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